Monday, December 1, 2008

Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Christmas!!

Well Thanksgiving is behind us and all those lucky Turkeys that are still gobblin around will live another year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is getting ready for the next one coming............or are you yet?

Gene and I have entered the age old battle......when do we start decorating and listening to christmas music?????? Well I of course being the holiday loving lady I am, am ready to start the festivities. I understand no Christmas music before Thanksgiving and all that but, as soon as the dishes are done baby, bring on the Jingle Bells!! Gene however, isn't so keen on the idea. I pondered this for a moment wondering what kind of Grinch that stole Christmas was I living with here?!

Now don't get me wrong, Gene doesn't hate Christmas, as a matter of fact he is the most giving person I've ever met, especially around the holidays. He just isn't quite ready to deck the halls. We discussed this and he thought a real tree would be nice and if we did that we couldn't decorate until a week before Christmas!! There are some problems here, we have two sweet and adorable cats (Gene may describe them differently) and they like to climb Christmas trees, if it were real we would have sap everywhere, not to mention the needles and UG no way. Sorry sweets no can do. I already have an artificial tree so we wouldn't have to spend money on a tree if we went with the fake one, plus decorate only a week before Christmas?! 

So we are going with the fake tree and now we have to decide when to put it all up???? I say now, Gene says in a couple weeks. Now I'm the pouty Christmas kid. We need some help here. Suggestions?????

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and has already figured out when the Christmas season really starts.


Grand Pooba said...

All right, I'm layin down the law right now.

Put your damn tree up right this second!

It's a waste to only enjoy it for a week. Who cares if there's no snow? It's Christmas time right now!

And you can tell Gene that I said so! :)

Westbroek family said...

What's the matter with you? It should already be up! Christmas doesn't last only one week, it's the holiday SEASON! It's now Friday so you have all weekend to get it up. I expect to hear it's up Monday!

Cami said...

My tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving. I agree that as soon as Thanksgiving is over we can celebrate Christmas, but I have a hard time celebrating before Thanksgiving.