Monday, January 26, 2009

Pizza night and baby Croix!

Last night was the fun and fantastical make your own pizza night at my parents house! Turns out Gene should have been a professional pizza maker and I'm pretty sure after last night he's in the process of opening his own pizzeria.
Here is our delicious creation!!! My side has pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, garlic, and italian sausage! It was scrumptious!!, Gene's side is a bunch of meat and I don't know what else. This was only the first pizza. Each couple made two pizza's each and so needless to say we have a whole monster pizza in our fridge right now. Good thing it's delicious!
After pizza Gene decided he needed some uncle Gene time.

Little Croix loves his uncle Gene! He just quiets right down and just stares at him. I think he feels pretty safe in those big arms. Here's another Croix pic for your viewing pleasure!

Here's Croix having some Aunt Livie time. This was right after his bath and he smelled like heaven!
If you're jonesin for some more Croix pics. Check out my sisters blog. It's listed on my friends blogs and is called The Shortbus. Enjoy!

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